China has introduced Toyota bus-based execution chambers on wheels, according to a United Press International report citing the Hamburg weekly, Die Zeit.

Prisoners are put to death by lethal injection in 19 blue-coloured Toyota buses specially outfitted for the purpose, the report said.

According to Upi, China executes more people than any other nation. Based on estimates by Chen Zhonglin, director of the law institute of Chongqing, Amnesty International puts the number of executions per year at 10,000 — five times as many as in the rest of the world put together.

Traditionally, the condemned are killed in public with shots in the back of the neck, UPI added.

The report said the new death buses are divided into two compartments – the front section has leather seats for judges and prosecutors watching on a flat-paneled screen the proceedings in the rear compartment, where the prisoner, lying on a gurney, is administered poison.

The Jinguan (Golden Crown) Corp., which turns Toyotas into mobile execution chambers, plans to patent this product, the report added.