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Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation (SAIC) says it plans to produce four car models at its Longbridge, UK, facility.

The company says that after integrating with Nanjing Automobile Group, SAIC has started integrating its Britain-based R&D centre with the factory in Longbridge. It also says it has  made a five-year plan for the production of the Longbridge factory.

One of the fours car models will be the MG TF sports car, one will be a large sedan and two models will be made on the platform with Roewe 550 (recently shown at the Beijing Auto Show). SinoCast reported that SAIC says the car parts will not be imported from China but made by the factory.

The report adds that the MG TF sports car is planned for production in August 2008 but there is no fixed timetable for the production of other three car models.