Nanjing Automobile Group has said that the production in China of cars based on MG Rover technology (the MG TF-based roadster) will begin in March of this year.

Low volume production in England – at Longbridge, right-hand drive models only – will follow in April or May.

Nanjing Auto purchased the manufacturing assets of MG Rover in 2005, along with the MG brand, outbidding SAIC.

Since signing a 33-year lease at Longbridge, NAC MG has moved the majority of the original MG Rover assembly equipment to its all-new plant located in the New Technology Economic Development Zone in Pukou, Nanjing Province, China.

It will begin MG production with a version of the MG TF roadster. Annual volume of 6,000 units per annum is targeted, initially.

The newly established manufacturing line in Nanjing will be responsible for much of the assembly process, but all right-hand drive MG TF roadster customer orders will be subject to final assembly in the revived Longbridge plant.