Mazda will restart sales of its locally built 3 in China next month after a suspension of over nine months.

The automaker on 7 April voluntarily stopped producing the model at Changan Ford Mazda Automobile citing a flaw in the process of acquiring government approval for the model’s production and sale, according to a Reuters report which noted that it resumed production of the model in October, but was waiting state approval for a sales resumption.

Foreign-brand cars produced in China are normally sold through the makers’ own sales channels but Mazda gained approval to form a sales joint venture, FAW Mazda Motor Sales, with the FAW group that would have exclusive rights to sell all Mazda-branded cars in China, the report said.

But 3 sales will now restart under a revised framework with distribution rights — including marketing and pricing decisions — assigned to producer Changan Ford Mazda with only retail activities assigned to FAW Mazda Motor Sales, Reuters added.