Sales of locally-produced cars in the first two months of this year rose 22 percent
year on year to 84,240 units, Asiaport Daily News (AND) reported, citing the China
Association of Automakers.

AND said that the result was described as "satisfactory" by local
car makers who added that sales at this time of year are usually quiet.

Volkswagen‘s Santana and Jetta, the Citroen Xiali and Suzuki‘s Alto
are currently popular choices for family buyers.

The Santana, although registering a drop in market share, remains the top seller.

AND said that VW Passat and Honda Accord sales have grown while Audi and Buick
sales remain steady.

The automakers’ association said the reduced market share for the Santana,
Buick and Alto did not necessarily mean that they are less competitive. Instead
it is the result of new competition from additional vehicle models.

Competition will become even more intense when Buick’s Opel Corsa-based
Sail sedan is launched.