Hyundai Motor has suggested yesterday that Beijing should introduce substantial tax concessions to encourage purchases of low-emission vehicles such as hybrids.
“Hyundai’s hybrid vehicles will be ready by 2010 and we’ll start selling the product in the North American market because places like the United States and Japan give tax benefits for hybrids,” senior executive vice-president Yang Woong-chul in Hong Kong told the South China Morning Post.
“We’ll look for [a faster introduction] in China if there is any support from the central government.”
Hyundai will first launch its Elantra hybrid in Korea in July next year.

Science and Technology Minister Wan Gang said earlier this month that the government was promoting hybrid vehicles, starting with the country’s public transportation. It will begin using them for some taxis and postal vehicles starting next year.
The Chinese government hopes the move will encourage carmakers to produce environmentally friendly vehicles.