Great Wall Motors and TNO, an institute of applied science research in Netherlands, have signed a Strategic Cooperation Agreement.

According to the agreement, the two parties will cooperate in the preliminary design and R&D of the active and passive safety technologies, auto emission technology and new energy technology, etc.

In addition, the two parties will exchange views with respect to the Technology Centre to be established by Great Wall Motors in Europe.

Huang Yong, vice president of Great Wall Motors stressed that, “Haval SUV caters to the demands of consumers in European and American markets, however, the two markets apply high standard to crash safety and exhaust emission of autos.

“Establishing Technology Centre in Europe will sync the auto safety technology of Great Wall Motor with the world’s leading one, enhance the safety performance of autos quickly and further expand the high-end international market.”

“TNO will proactively co-operate with Great Wall Motors in its safety R&D work in Europe and provide technical support to such testing projects like auto crash and pedestrian protection,” said Leo Kusters, general manager of TNO.

The two parties exchanged views on the leading active and passive technologies for the first time during the first Science & Technology Festival held by Great Wall Motors in May 2011.

This year, Great Wall Motors has started comprehensive cooperation with two leading suppliers of auto safety parts – Autoliv (Sweden) and TRW Automotive (USA).

Through this strategic partnership with TNO, Great Wall Motors says it aims to ‘master the leading auto safety design capabilities and enhance the auto safety R&D level, hence to realise the parallel improvement of both software and hardware in the auto safety field’.