Great Wall is reportedly aiming for a nearly 70% jump in vehicle sales this year on the back of a Chinese government stimulus package for the auto sector.

Reuters reported that Great Wall has a target to sell 200,000 vehicles in 2009, up from 120,000 units in 2008.

While car sales in China have slowed recently, alongside the economy, the Chinese government has recently announced measures to support the automotive market, including a purchase tax reduction on cars with an engine displacement under 1.6 litres.

“We believe the new policies could be a big help for us,” a Great Wall executive told Reuters.

He added that government subsidies for owners who trade their high-emission farm vehicles for more fuel-efficient and clean ones, announced earlier in the month, could also boost sales of its pick-up trucks, accounting for roughly half of its overall sales in 2009.

Great Wall is estimated to sell around 80,000 pick-ups this year, up from about 60,000 units in 2008, he said.

The automaker has no plans to lay off staff or cut its output this year, he added.