The Ford Ikon

On the face of it, Ford’s ‘third world’ Fiesta-based Ikon sedan would seem the
logical car for production at the company’s new joint venture in China.

It would be the ideal competitor for General Motors‘ newly-launched Buick
Sail, another sedan derived from an ageing European hatchback design, the previous-generation
Opel Corsa.

But the Beijing Youth Daily said that the Ikon model would not be made in China.

According to the report, Ford’s Chinese partners have denied rumours that
the joint venture would produce the Ikon, currently built in India, Africa and

The Ikon is based on the current European Fiesta, due for replacement in September,
and the partners are concerned that the sedan spin-off would be outdated in
two years.

Instead, the Beijing Youth Daily said, the Chinese parties hope Ford will provide
brand-new products to meet competition two years ahead.

Ford U.S. spokemen, however, told ChinaOnline that no announcement has been
made about which cars will be produced by the joint venture.

ChinaOnline said the joint venture, Chang’an Ford Motor Co established
last week, was expected to target the family-sedan market.

If Ford does not build the current Ikon in China, its only other alternative
in its current product portfolio is the larger, but much more modern Focus sedan.

The company could also come up with a ‘new Ikon’ spin-off of the
all-new Fiesta due to debut at this September’s Frankfurt motor show or
it could design an entirely new vehicle for markets such as China and India.

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