Chery Auto, which in 2010 was the third best selling Chinese car brand in its home market behind Wuling and Chana, says sales outside China surged by 106% to 16,500 vehicles in June. For the year to date, the Wuhu-based firm claims total exports of 71,827, a year-on-year rise of 89%.

The export target which had been set for 2011 was 120,000 units. According to company spokesman Jin Yibo, who is quoted by the online version of the People’s Daily, that goal should now be achieved ahead of schedule.

Brazil has become Chery’s largest overseas market, taking some 25% of all exports in the year to the end of June. The company’s other main foreign markets are Russia, Ukraine, Egypt and Iran.

Chery has also this week announced a new model in China. The E5, a VW Jetta-sized sedan, had been previewed by a pre-production version (codename: B16) at the Shanghai motor show in April. The new model will eventually replace the Chery Cowin2. This older car is known as the Cloud Flag or Flag Cloud in certain overseas markets.

Author: Glenn Brooks