Passenger car sales in China soared 33% in the first two months of this year, an industry association was quoted as saying on Friday.

Total vehicle sales, which includes trucks and buses, rose 25% year on year, the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers said, according to The Associated Press (AP).

Car sales in January and February totalled 712,200 units, while total vehicle sales were 1.3m units, said CAAM, the main government-authorised industry group.

Last year, China’s total vehicle sales, including trucks and buses, rose 25.1% last year to 7.2 million units, according to CAAM, AP reported. Passenger car sales rose to 3.8m.

In January and February the top-selling car model was Shanghai Volkswagen’s Santana sedan, with 30,500 units sold, according to CAAM.

Top-selling automaker was joint venture Shanghai General Motors at 67,500 units, according to the report.

The top Chinese automaker was Chery Automobile with 51,600 units sold, the group told the news agency.