A press conference by the BMW Group at Beijing’s Science & Technology Museum marks the launch of the BMW CleanEnergy project in China. “Hydrogen-powered vehicles help cities to reduce local emission levels. Developing and implementing hydrogen technology is of crucial importance to sustainable development both in China and in other countries around the world,” said Shi Dinghuan, Secretary General of the Ministry of Science and Technology before the event.

To support the introduction of hydrogen as a future energy carrier in one of the world’s largest national economy, BMW says it is initiating a broad range of activities. For example, BMW experts are joining Chinese experts in a workshop to explore the possibilities of implementing a hydrogen infrastructure.

One key to hydrogen is knowledge

“One key to establishing a hydrogen economy lies in a knowledge offensive aimed at society as a whole. This is where the BMW Group puts on its mantle of social responsibility,” says Christoph Huss, BMW’s Senior Vice President of Science and Transport Policy. Thus, in conjunction with the Science & Technology Museum in Beijing, the BMW Group is opening a BMW CleanEnergy exhibition that will provide an interactive and informal means of experiencing and learning about the production, distribution and application of hydrogen.

“The Science & Technology Museum welcomes the BMW CleanEnergy exhibition because it makes the latest research from the west accessible to the Chinese public,” says Professor Wang, the Director of the Science & Technology Museum. The exhibition concept follows that of the Munich exhibition which the BMW Group staged in collaboration with the Deutsches Museum. It shows the complete hydrogen cycle starting with the production, distribution, filling and finally application in a car.

Hydrogen Expert Kit for Chinese universities

Christoph Huss formally presented Secretary General Shi Dinghuan with an information pack in Mandarin entitled “Hydrogen Expert Kit”, which has been compiled for use at Chinese universities. A Chinese BMW CleanEnergy Internet portal has been set up to ensure that this material is available across China as a whole.