Beijing has called on the US to refrain from imposing punitive tariffs against China’s tyre exports to the US, saying such a move may backfire.

“There is neither factual basis nor legal ground in [launching] the case against China {hellip} it’s a protectionist act,” Vice-Minister of Commerce Fu Ziying said yesterday in Beijing.

“If punitive measures were taken in the case, it will also affect the interests of the US,” he said, noting China’s tyre exports to the US created profits for tyre dealers and many jobs.

The US Trade Representative’s office will submit its recommendation to President Barack Obama by September 2, and the president is required to make a decision within 15 days of receiving it.

As the world’s second biggest exporter, China is frequently involved in trade disputes, and has been challenged by the United States on a range of issues, from import tariffs on car parts to protection of intellectual property.