Chinese manufacturer Youngman says all of the players involved in attempting to see Saab restart production are continuing to talk as the Swedish automaker revealed it had postponed payment discussions with suppliers.

Youngman, along with Chinese distributor Pang Da, is discussing how to move forward with former parent General Motors , which still has licences to technology and the supply of 9-4X crossover vehicles.

Huang Zhiqiang, Youngman vice president was quoted by Reuters at the Guangzhou auto show as noting its financial investment plans were a strategic move.

“It’s not a short sighted move,” he is quoted as saying. “We got into the deal as a long-term investor.”

Saab confirmed to just-auto today (21 November) it had submitted a new proposal to GM, but there is as yet, no detail of when the US manufacturer might respond.

Youngman was not immediately available for comment.