Lidar provider, Quanergy Systems says it is partnering with with Chery Automobile.

Quanergy signed on to Chery Lion’s Smart Partner Programme as Lidar partner, to focus efforts on advancing autonomous driving and smart cities in China.

“As the autonomous vehicle industry matures, it is imperative to build an ecosystem that supports a transportation network with reliable solutions,” said Chery Intelligent Vehicle Business Group VP, Youg Huang.

“We’ll work closely with Quanergy on Chery’s autonomous driving vehicles and smart city installations.”

Quanergy’s S3 automotive-grade solid-state Lidars are based on optical phased arrays (OPA) produced in CMOS silicon. The CMOS silicon node used in wafer fabrication is mature, allowing to rapidly scale manufacturing at high yield.

Qortex DTC (Detection, Tracking, Classification), Quanergy’s proprietary solution based on Lidar hardware and artificial intelligence (AI) software, can play a key role in monitoring and regulating the flow of vehicles and people at intersections and can communicate data to connected vehicles.

When combined with 5G cellular network technology, Qortex DTC provides the necessary awareness and analytical insight into the city’s various connected components and ensures safe and efficient traffic flow.

“China is at the forefront of mobility innovation and Chery is making strides in bringing not only intelligent vehicles but also intelligent transportation systems to market,” said Quanergy CEO and co-founder, Louay Eldada.

“Chery has selected Quanergy as its Lidar partner and together we will forge the next chapter of autonomy in China.”