The Spark-Renault SRT-01E electric single seater race car made its first dynamic public appearance in Las Vegas in front of technology fans at the Consumer Electronics Show.

Brazilian racing driver Lucas di Grassi took the race car along the Las Vegas strip before moving on to the Mandalay Bay resort at the southern end of the strip.

The demonstration run was confirmation that the idea of fully-electric single-seater race cars is very much a reality to which Renault, as a technical partner, has made a significant contribution with its race and EV expertise.

Renault Sport Technologies CEO Patrice Ratti, said: “The work that has been done by all technical partners over the last few months has been fantastic and the car lives up to our high competition standards. We are very happy about the result so far and our engineers will keep working with Spark, Dallara, McLaren, Williams and Michelin to further improve the car so that all teams can compete with a 100% electric race car when the championship begins.”

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