CATL builds EV accumulator facility in Germany. - Just Auto
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CATL builds EV accumulator facility in Germany.

By Simon Warburton 04 Aug 2021

CATL expands Germany presence.

Contemporary Amperex Technology (CATL) is building an accumulator production facility for electric vehicles in Arnstadt, Thuringia, Germany.

General contractor, Exyte Central Europe, has commissioned Caverion to design and install ventilation technology in the production building and in four auxiliary constructions.

The value of the order is around EUR25m (US$30m).

Caverion is creating a dry room environment for production where the air humidity can be controlled and, depending on requirements, reduced. At the same time, supply and exhaust air systems are being installed.

In the dry room, Caverion will also implement a large clean area, where temperature, pressure and particles will also be controlled on top of humidity. Furthermore, the company is responsible for the ventilation technology in the clean room.

“This production facility helps to accelerate society’s move towards e-mobility and reduced emissions and therefore also fits our Caverion sustainability goals,” said Caverion head of Division Germany, Manfred Simmet.

“Over the next 18 months, our customer will build a 600-metre-long and 230-metre-wide production hall. Careful planning and good project management along with our expertise regarding demanding cleanroom requirements will ensure that we will complete the order within this ambitious project schedule.”

Exyte Central Europe and CATL belong to Caverion’s Industrial Customer Client Segment.–germany,c3391786