Canadian vehicle remarketing has reached a new milestone. A record number of new and used motor vehicles were exported from Canada to the United States last year by leasing and rental companies and independent dealers. 200,074 Canadian exports went through the Registered Importer program in 2001, surpassing 200,000 units for the first time.

Canadian exports are way up from the mid-1990s, when 15,000 units was considered a good year for the industry.

Brian Osler, President of the North American Automobile Trade Association (NAATA – an organisation representing exporters who buy the vehicles in Canada and ship them south), attributes several factors to the skyrocketing volume. “Many barriers to export have been eliminated. U.S. Customs has finally accepted that non-manufacturers can import Canadian vehicles without duties. Canadian market vehicles now have a permanent blanket safety and emissions approval in the United States. There is also a greater familiarity with Canadian vehicles in important American markets. Combined with the low Canadian dollar, the market is flourishing.”

NAATA expects that economic and industry conditions will continue to encourage American dealers to source cars in Canada. Impending regulatory changes will also make it less expensive for Canadian remarketers to go through the importation process across the border.