Golden Fortune Investments Limited (CDNX:GFX), a provider of next generation technology solutions for China today announced that it has successfully installed eighteen (18) Petro-Oxy2000 units in China.

Six (6) units are currently being tested in Beijing, three (3) units in Nanjing, five (5) units in ShenYang, three (3) units in Shenzhen and one (1) unit in Hong Kong.

Petro-Oxy2000 installed on the vehicle improves fuel combustion, reduces fuel consumption, enhances acceleration and reduces environmental pollutants.

Reporting from China, James Tong, President of Golden Fortune and his delegation of business associates from Canada, Hong Kong and China including Mr. Keith Gilmour of Gilmour Mckay Roberts Consulting Ltd; met with various government officials in Beijing, Nanjing and ShenYang.

James Tong reported, “the meetings are going extremely well. The Chinese Officials enthusiastically received the Petro-Oxy2000. A Top level member of the (Liaoning Integrated Environmental Programme) in ShenYang commented that he was excited that the Petro-Oxy2000 is the first product to be introduced into China that uses Electronic Magnetic resonance to breakup and separate hydrocarbons in the fuel line. The idea that the product helps to reduce pollutants, increase fuel mileage and enhance engine performance was very well received. He and other members of the LIEP expressed support and co-operation with our applications and are eagerly waiting for the completion of the test results that could be ready in approximately 30 days.

Upon completion of satisfactory test results, governing authorities responsible for environmental products meet for final government licensing and registration of a foreign product to be sold and used in Mainland China.

The company is also pleased to announce that it has signed a letter of intent with Sky Well (Hong Kong) Limited, to be the Master Distributor and marketer for Petro-Oxy2000 products throughout Mainland China, Macau and Hong Kong.

The first order of the Petro-Oxy2000, pricing and quantity are being negotiated and will be announced upon completion of the official test results and final government licensing of the product.

Golden Fortune Investments Limited (GFX) is a diversified company with interests in technology licensing agreements, and other investment holdings including mining. The company’s primary objective is to create business opportunities in China.

Sky Well (Hong Kong) Limited is a trading and investment incorporated company in Hong Kong for over 10 years.

Two of their investments include, a Light Weight Railway System (LWRS) in Guanszhou City and a Stepper Motor production plant in Jhongshen City, China. They also import Chinese products for sale in Hong Kong and for export around the world.

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