Website offers more than just vehicle information, it’s fun, quirky and down right different.

Kia is the car company that does everything a little different, that’s what’s made them so successful in their first year in Canada. So of course a car company that dares to be on the edge wouldn’t have your everyday, run of the mill, “get your vehicle information here” website, would they?
Kia’s website went live April 6, offering visitors a virtual world. Net_kultoure, is what Kia offers to their visitors. The portal can be entered either through work or play, both of which offer visitors links to everything from clublife listings, sports scores, to current film festivals, stock news and weather. And since Kia is in the business of selling vehicles, they offer visitors a way to view their vehicle of choice through live action video.

Access to targeted information is not the only aspect of the Kia website that makes it fun and distinct. The website features a virtual chat room where visitors are represented as avatars-graphical characters that walk, talk and interact like humans, allowing for a more visual experience. is the first vehicle manufacture to use Avatars in this way.

“We wanted to make the Kia website fun and different, like Kia. Not only to entice visitors with more than the traditional vehicle and company information, but to offer them alternative news and information sources. Our goal is to generate lengthy site visits and an above average number of repeat visits.” says Andrew Gray, Marketing Manager, Kia Canada Inc.

Kia Canada Inc., located in Mississauga Ontario sells their Sportage sport utility vehicle and Sephia compact sedan through it’s 63 dealers in Canada. Kia began selling vehicles in Canada in August 1999 and plan to be fully national by end of summer 2000.

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