GM Canada has confirmed that the Oshawa assembly plant will be running Saturday overtime on the consolidated line to the end of December 2015 to meet increased demand for the Chevrolet Equinox.

Steve Carlisle, president and managing director, GM Canada said: "The compact SUV market has been an important driver in the overall performance of the Canadian auto industry and we are responding with the increased volume production for the Equinox."

Oshawa currently produces the Equinox and previous generation [fleet sales only] Chevrolet Impala on the 'consolidated line', a track which will now continue to operate until 2017. The Buick Regal, the current Impala, the Camaro and the Cadillac XTS are produced on the Oshawa 'Flex Line'.

The company has previously announced that the Camaro will end production in Oshawa in November and expects to manage that change with minimal layoffs, due to the use of incentivised retirement programmes. Some Impala production was shifted to the US in earlier moves. GM Canada has also announced that the end of the third shift on the flex line will be in December.