Calsonic Kansei and French cyber security company, Quarkslab, have established White Motion to address cyber security in the automobile sector.

Preventive measures against threats such as hacking, cracking and computer viruses are becoming increasingly important.

“We will provide first security evaluation for the vehicle as a whole, as well as security measures needed by automobiles in the era of connected cars on both aspects of cyber security and functional safety,” said White Motion president, Yuichi Kuramoto.

“For the sake of safety, all automobile manufacturers and suppliers should have knowledge of security measures and security measures should be built-in all automobiles. White Motion was therefore established, to market these offerings to all automobile manufacturers and suppliers.

“You can expect us to provide security solutions drawn from Calsonic Kansei’s and Quarkslab’s expertise in functional safety and cyber security.”

White Motion will use the management resources of Calsonic Kansei and Quarkslab to deliver services and technologies.