Byton has revealed more details of the interior design for its first production model, the M-Byte.

This shows key hardware such as the wraparound dashboard, seven-inch driver tablet, physical buttons on the steering wheel, and the eight-inch central touchpad and also the main user interface (UI) design style.

The automaker claims the interior’s sleek lines and ‘protective’ wraparound dashboard, with harmonious colours and trim, creates a comfortable and warm atmosphere similar to a high-end living room.

Ninety percent of the design from the concept car was retained, including the 48-inch shared experience display, smart surfaces and the 12 degrees inward rotating front seats.

“Byton has a well-developed global design team in both Germany and China, with top designers and specialists from 17 countries working together. The diverse cultural atmosphere of the team allows designers to fully interact with one another and understand the lifestyles, habits and needs of consumers from different countries. Together, designers are committed to create leading smart mobility for consumers around the world”, said design chief Benoit Jacob.