BYD has made its first Finnish sales to Nobina, a public transport operator.

It will deliver 64 electric buses for services in Helsinki and 42 for Turku.

Nobina is first in Europe to order the 15 metre, three axle, low floor model and those are the 42 for Turku, scheduled to be in use by summer 2021.

This new model has 47+3 seating capacity and single charge range of 400km under SORT 2 test conditions.

Nobina operates across Scandinavia and has run BYD electric buses for 7m km, claiming to have reduced CO2 emissions by 7,500 tonnes.

The Helsinki order, deliveries to begin in 2021, is for 20 12 metre, low floor models and 44 18 metre articulated versions.

BYD claims over 400 eBuses either delivered or on order with PTO fleets in 20 towns and cities throughout Scandinavia.