The City of St. Albert in Alberta province said it would become the first municipality in Canada to order long-range all-electric buses to deploy on city streets for public transit use. BYD, the world's largest electric vehicle manufacturer, will provide the all-electric buses, which will be delivered to the city in late summer or early autumn this year.

It's Canada's first procurement of long-range, battery-electric, transit buses. The three 35ft electric vehicles will operate on both local and commuter transit routes, making the system cleaner and quieter for St. Albert residents.

"We are excited to be deploying these new and innovative buses as part of our transit fleet," said mayor Nolan Crouse.

Battery range is up to 250km. BYD said it won the deal due to a 12 year battery warranty (the only OEM to do so in the industry), engineering horsepower, and record for safety and proven reliability.

BYD was also able to demonstrate its battery technology is durable and reliable enough to function in cold climates, proving through testing its bus batteries can function below -40 degrees Celsius.