Already well established in the UK as a supplier of electric buses, BYD will appoint “significant dealer partners in critical regions of the country” in the first quarter of 2023.

“Core to the launch plan is the strategic goal to work with the dealer groups that will provide the experience, expertise, and prime locations to sell the pioneering range of new energy vehicles,” the automaker said in a statement.

It will launch across several European countries in 2023 “following success in the pilot market of Norway”. The first appointed UK dealer partners will start receiving cars, with sales commencing in the first quarter.

The first confirmed UK dealer groups are: Pendragon, Arnold Clark Automobiles, Lookers Motor Group and LSH Auto Holdings.

The first vehicle to be launched in the UK will be the Atto 3, a CsSegment SUV powered by a 60.48 kWh battery based on the latest e-Platform 3.0. This model comes with the pioneering Blade Battery and has achieved a Euro NCAP 5-star rating. Further new model introductions will be made later in the year.

BYD claims to be the only manufacturer that designs and builds the complete electrical powertrain system, power batteries, automotive semiconductors, motors, and motor controller systems.

The cobalt-free iron-phosphate Blade Battery is said to provide greater efficiency in terms of performance, range, and lifecycle and delivers enhanced levels of safety.

Michael Shu, general manager and managing director of BYD Europe and international cooperation division, said: “We have selected dealer groups with the expertise and geographic footprint to provide outstanding customer service. We will start building the network in territories where our partners are dominant and can best demonstrate and display our range of new models.”

BYD has also launched in Denmark, Sweden, the Netherlands and Belgium. Further UK dealers, product, and pricing will be announced later.