German public transport operators, BOGESTRA (Bochum-Gelsenkirchener Straßenbahnen) and HCR (Straßenbahn Herne-Castrop-Rauxel), have taken delivery of the first vehicle in a joint fleet order for 22 eBuses from BYD.

Despite the recent COVID-19 lockdown restrictions, deliveries remain on schedule for completion in October, 2020.

As a producer of face-masks and hygiene products following the coronavirus outbreak, BYD is also donating a consignment of facemasks to be used by BOGESTRA’s and HCR’s passengers.

The new pure-electric, emissions-free 12-metre BYD eBus fleet will go into service in the German State of North Rhine-Westphalia, on route 380 in Gelsenkirchen and route 354 in Bochum. BYD’s 12-metre single-deck eBus delivers a total carrying capacity of 80 passengers and has a single charge range of more than 200km.

“With these efforts to keep the air clean, BOGESTRA will then operate around 10% of its bus fleet purely electrically, making it number one in the Ruhr area,” said Gelsenkirchen Mayor, Frank Baranowski.

For his part, BOGESTRA board member Jörg Filter added: “BOGESTRA is an important player in the area of sustainability. We take responsibility for the environment and climate protection very seriously and we are making an important contribution to the quality of life in Bochum and Gelsenkirchen.”

Patrick Oosterveld, Bus deputy sales director at BYD Europe, said: “We are delighted to be entering the German market. 22 vehicles is a major acquisition for BOGESTRA and HCR and it shows a significant commitment to BYD. We are very pleased too, to have returned this commitment by meeting the planned delivery schedule, even despite restrictions following the coronavirus outbreak.

“BYD continues to develop advanced technologies to produce a safe, reliable and emissions-free transport solution for Local Authorities and Public Transport Operators and to help create a more sustainable future for everyone.”