Bridgestone said all of its European tyre plants, European R&D Centre and Proving Ground in Rome, Italy, PCT plant in Lanklaar, Belgium, textile plant in Usansolo, Spain, and EMIA headquarters in Brussels, Belgium, are now powered by electricity from 100% renewable sources.

“This announcement marks major progress against the company’s ambition to reduce the environmental impact of its operations: Bridgestone Corporation is committed to the Paris Agreement and achieving carbon neutrality by 2050. Bridgestone, which announced in March 2020 that 90% of electricity consumed in its European plants came from renewable resources, has been investing to reduce CO2 emissions across the lifecycle of its products and entire value chain,” the tyre maker said in a statement.

Bridgestone EMIA CTO & COO, Emilio Tiberio said: "Reducing our CO2 emissions is a key pillar of our long-term sustainability vision, which is why I can't emphasise enough the significance of this milestone. 100% was the goal for a long time but there's so much more to achieve in emissions reduction and beyond."