Volkswagen of Brazil has made a Polo Sedan equipped with a tri-fuel system engine that runs on petrol, alcohol, a blend of the two fuels or natural gas. The prototype of the model will be present next week during the São Paulo Auto Show.

The Polo Sedan tri-fuel was developed by Volkswagen and Bosch and is equipped with a 1.6-litre eight-valve engine with a special management control unit.

The fuel the system unit adjusts the engine’s electronic mapping to control the volume of fuel needed, the air/fuel ratio mix and the injection timing. The vehicle has one tank for liquid fuels and another tank for natural gas. A button selects between the liquid fuels or natural gas.

With the prototype Volkswagen eyes the new tri-fuel segment that has until now been the preserve of GM in Brazil. In August GM introduced the Astra Sedan Multipower, also developed with Bosch.

Rogerio Louro