The Brazilian-based foundry Fundição Tupy, is reportedly close to securing a contract to supply the Dutch truck maker DAF with prototypes of lightweight blocks of motors and headstocks in iron vermicular, or Compacted Graphite Iron (CGI).

Although the final decision for the contract for the mass production of the blocks is expected in September or October, the company believes that it is ahead in the race. Last year, it signed a contract with Ford Europe to produce 150 thousand blocks a year in CGI. Production begins next year for the engine blocks that will be used by Ford in Jaguar, Ford Mondeo and Land Rover models, in a project called Lion. Cylinder blocks are being provided to Jaguar for a V6 2.7 litre diesel engine.

For DAF, Tupy has developed prototype blocks for engines of around 500 HP. Observers note that the Tupy Ford deal has put Tupy in a stronger position to win international CGI business.