Haulage firm Binotto has placed an order for the purchase of 200 Scania trucks, a deal worth a total of USD 15 million. It is the largest single deal in Scania Brazil’s history.

The trucks, two- and three-axle R124 tractor units, are fitted with Scania’s 12-litre 400 hp engine. The new order is part of Binotto’s fleet renewal plan.

“When we implemented a new fleet management programme last February, we noted the higher productivity of Scania trucks in heavy applications due to their optimised average speed and increased haulage capacity,” said Binotto’s Operational Director Edilson Binotto. The company owns a fleet of 380 heavy trucks, 700 medium-sized trucks, and over 1,000 light vehicles and trailers.

All the new trucks will be covered by a Scania Repair and Maintenance Contract and will undergo all necessary maintenance at Scania dealers at a predetermined price per kilometre. Binotto will receive its 200 vehicles in batches, with final delivery scheduled for the end of April 2004.

“This deal is a historical milestone for Scania in Brazil, not only because of the volume but also because it strengthens the 25-year long partnership with Binotto, who have long recognised the advantages of Scania trucks in their operations,” comments Christopher Podgorski, Managing Director of Scania’s sales and service operations in Brazil.