Chery has postponed the introduction of their compact SUV Tiggo for two weeks due to a current ‘traffic jam’ of new model announcements here.

Details of plans announced to Brazilian journalists visiting the parent company in China three months ago – about building a 150,000-unit plant in Brazil – are also expected. This will supplement the tiny assembly operation in Uruguay where the Tiggo comes from today.

It seems other Chinese automakers are interested in investing here. Always shielded by a certain mystery – on top of the secrecy negotiations of this kind demand – they have been spotted in several states interested in hosting them.

This includes the state of Rio de Janeiro, where PSA Peugeot Citroën is located. Wealthy Brazilian entrepreneur Eike Batista is said to be participating in negotiations.

It is strongly speculated that Jianghuai Automobiles Co (JAC) and BYD (in this case, perhaps with electric cars almost non-existent in Brazil) could be also interested in local production.

Four other Chinese brands, through independent importers, are selling in Brazil today: Changhe, Hafei, Lifan and Jinbei. Results have been weak so far.

Fernando Calmon