Johnson Controls’ electronics division, based in Gravataí, is looking for opportunities to localise production.

According to Autodata, the company produces 75% of the step motors used in all Johnson Controls manufacturing facilities in the world. These motors are small high precision parts that are responsible for the movements of the speedometer, rpm gauge, measuring of the engine temperature and the fuel level control. “Half of the division’s revenues comes from exports of items such as the step motor,” said César Ortega Llorente, marketing and sales director of the Johnson Controls division.

Other production includes instrument clusters for PSA’s South American plants. “We began with the cluster of the Citroën C3 and the Peugeot 307. And now we have developed the cluster of the C4 sedan, which will be produced in Argentina and will have fully digital functions. We used the latest in technology to produce this cluster,” said Llorente.

Llorente is considering local production of LCD displays when their start to be fitted on locally-assembled cars. Also Bluetooth connection systems are currently imported from Mexico for sale on the aftermarket and could be manufactured locally. “We are still studying the price of this product to the end-consumer. If we feel it would be more competitive to produce here, I have no doubt that we would”.