Ford do Brasil will not celebrate the inauguration of the Camaçari plant, in Bahia state, in respect of the victims in the terrorist attacks in USA.

The automaker cancelled all the parties programmed for 12 October, the official day of the plant’s inauguration. All those invited to the opening ceremony are receiving a message that explains the reason for the cancellation.

Ford president Jacques Nasser and the Brazilian president Fernando Henrique Cardoso were to be among the inauguration ceremony participants.

Strategic Review-


Ford has invested $US 1.2 billion to build the Camaçari plant.

The factory will produce a new Ford compact range codenamed Amazon. The Amazon cars will use the new Fiesta platform, but will have an exclusive design. The range will have five differents models: hatch, sedan, pick-up, van and SUV.

The automaker will sell the new range in the Brazilian market and also expects to export the cars to other Latin American markets, Africa and Asia.

Ford will launch the first car of the Amazon Project, the hatch model, in the first half of 2002 and expects to launch a new model variant of the range every six months.

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