Ford Brazil is launching a locally developed 2011 update of its previous generation Fiesta hatchback and saloon this week and will launch the current generation model, imported from Mexico in sedan form only, later this year.

The Brazilian-made line was last updated in October 2007. The latest changes were made by Ford’s Camaçari, Bahia design centre here in Brazil.

At the front there are new headlamps, grille and bumper while the tail lights and rear bumper have also been restyled. The overall look is a little different from Ford India’s Figo, also an updated variant of the previous generation European Fiesta.

Ford Brazil has increased standard equipment without raising prices. The Fiesta is the only car in its segment to come with electric locking, keyless entry, alarm, automatic 10mph door locking and electric boot release.

Prices range from the R$30,000 (US$16,800) entry-level hatchback to the range-topping sedan at R$43,000 (US$24,000).

Ford Brazil has now confirmed industry rumour that the current generation Fiesta, manufactured in Mexico with a 1.6-litre Sigma engine shipped in from Brazil, will be imported in the second half of this year. The Mexican Fiesta is also about to go on sale in North America.

As just-auto had expected, the new Mexican-made Fiesta will be imported into Brazil only in sedan form, priced above the previous generation versions already sold here.

A free trade agreement between Mexico and Brazil means there is no duty on imports from Mexico and this will give the new Fiesta sedan a price advantage over rivals such as the VW Polo, Fiat Linea and Honda City.