Ferrari-Maserati, Fiat ’s luxury sports car unit, ended August 2004 with the highest monthly total of Ferrari car sales in four years, the Latin America News Digest said.

Ferrari-Maserati sold five new cars: three F360 Modena and two F360 Modena Stradale, plus 10 used cars. The F360 Modena retails at about 1.5 milllion Brazilian reais ($US512,821/€425,048).

This set a record for sales since October 2000, when the firm sold sold nine new cars. It began selling cars in Brazil in 1993.

The F360 was launched in the Brazilian market in 1999, the president of Ferrari-Maserati Brazil, Francisco Longo, said, and 117 have been sold to date. The company plans to sell another 40 to 50 units in the next two years, he added.

Ferrari-Maserati launches its new F430 at the Paris Motor Show later this month, but the model won’t reach Brazil until second half of 2006.