Bosch has developed what it maintains is the world’s first curved instrument cluster in the cockpit of a mass-production vehicle.

“The days of flat instrument displays are over,” said Bosch Car Multimedia division president, Steffen Berns. “With the world’s first curved instrument cluster, Bosch is opening up a new dimension in vehicle cockpits.”

The curved instrument cluster will be celebrating its debut in the Innovision Cockpit of the new VW Touareg. This means Volkswagen is now replacing analogue display technology behind the steering wheel with a configurable, high-resolution, curved display.

Depending on what the driver wants to see at any given time, the screen is able to display large-area navigation maps, driver information or the status of the assistance systems.

Bosch says the bend mimics the natural curvature of the human eye. As a result, the driver is able to better detect indicator lights and warning signals, even at the edge of the screen.

This also gives it a clear advantage over the familiar curved monitors at home in the living room, where only one person can sit at the optimum viewing angle at any one time. In contrast, the curved instrument cluster in a vehicle always optimally accommodates the driver’s view.

“Drivers benefit from curved instrument clusters in terms of safety and convenience,” added Berns. “At the same time, this type of display gives automotive manufacturers greater freedom and more space in the design of the cockpit.”