Bosch has suspended auto parts production in Shanghai and Changchun due to Chinese COVID-19 rules.

The supplier told Reuters it had stopped production at a thermotechnology factory in Shanghai and an automotive components site in Changchun in northeastern Jilin province.

Two other parts plants in Shanghai and Taicang were maintaining closed-loop operations, in which workers sleep, live and work in isolation to prevent virus transmission, the manufacturer said.

“We are currently seeing temporarily effects on logistics and supply chain sourcing,” Bosch said in a statement cited by Reuters. “In this situation, we are doing everything we can to maintain the supply chains as much as possible and to serve the demands.”

The news agency noted the European Union Chamber of Commerce in China said earlier it had written to the country’s cabinet detailing how the country’s COVID control measures had disrupted European companies and urged it to revise its policies, such as by allowing home quarantine for some COVID patients.