Bosch Mexico will expand the capacity of its Queretaro plant, dedicated to the manufacture of automotive technology. The plan includes installing new high-tech production lines and a warehouse on around 12,000 square meters.

“The expansion of the Queretaro plant is a sign of Bosch’s commitment to Mexico for the development of high technology. It is also a recognition of the high productivity of our Queretaro associates,” says Rene Schlegel, president of Bosch Mexico.

Since its opening in 2017, the Queretaro plant has been dedicated to the manufacture of mobility solutions such as electronic power steering (EPS). This technology has driver assistance functions and is a crucial device for road safety.

The expansion will represent an investment of US$146 million, which means more than tripling the site’s workforce with the creation of more than 400 new jobs.

“The Bosch Queretaro location has established itself as a hub for collaboration, creativity and innovation. This expansion will create more opportunities for current and future team members to grow and develop,” comments Adam Olson, commercial director of the plant.

Bosch Queretaro started operations in 2017. Currently 299 employees work at the site, dedicated to the manufacture of automotive technology such as electronic power steering.