BorgWarner is supplying an engine timing system for the Cummins five-litre, turbodiesel V8 engine family.

Optimised specifically for those engines, the system includes bushing timing chains, arms, guides, tensioners and sprockets. BorgWarner also supplies chains for the fuel injection pump drive and oil pump drive.

"Offering a durable, compact package at a lower cost than gear systems enables engine makers to deliver high performance with improved fuel economy," said Joe Fadool, president and general manager, BorgWarner morse systems.

The demanding environment in diesel engines can cause engine timing chains to elongate, leading to inefficient cam timing, the supplier said. To increase durability, its bushing chains employ specially shaped profiles and oriented bushings. Arms and guides are engineered for low mass and small package size to improve fuel economy and reduce emissions. Chain tensioners are hydraulically and mechanically tuned to meet the unique demands of the Cummins engine. Sprockets feature modified tooth profiles designed to offset vibration and noise. As an integrated system, each component of the engine timing system is optimised to resist wear, reduce friction and decrease vibration for low noise, precise timing, improved fuel economy and long service life.