“A leading global vehicle manufacturer will use BorgWarner ‘s battery management system (BMS ) for all its B-segment, C-segment and light commercial vehicle platforms.

Initially, model years from mid-2023 will be equipped with the new technology which optimises battery pack performance, safety and life span.

“We’ve been working with this prestigious manufacturer for over two decades and are delighted to further strengthen our relationship,” said Stefan Demmerle, president and general manager, BorgWarner PowerDrive Systems .

The BMS for hybrid and electric vehicles contains a master control unit connected to multiple cell management control units and is designed to monitor the state of charge, health and battery temperature of each battery cell, and also measure battery pack current and voltage. The distributed cell management units also perform cell balancing, which allows a higher state of charge to be achieved, optimises battery lifespan and enhances battery safety by preventing over- and under-charging. The system is suitable for applications that operate up to 800 volts and also includes contactor control and diagnostics.

The compact design saves weight. By adopting a distributed configuration, the master and cell management controllers can be decoupled to allow optimum flexibility in system layout and weight distribution.