BorgWarner (BW) has introduced its Smart Integrated Magnetic Switch (IMS) to the aftermarket.

Designed for Class 6–8 on-highway trucks as well as off-highway agricultural, construction and stationary power equipment, the IMS is integrated into the Delco Remy 39MT heavy-duty starter, enabling easy aftermarket replacement without any additional vehicle wiring.

With six electronic functions, the switch protects the starter from potential damage caused by system or operator error.

Due to this extensive protection, the 39MT starter with IMS offers a better warranty than conventional starters.

"BorgWarner's [most popular] replacement starter in the aftermarket has built a strong reputation for quality and dependability. With our new Smart IMS technology, the 39MT now offers protection for a wide range of potentially damaging system issues, drop-in replacement plus a more robust warranty," said Randy Andis, director, commercial vehicle aftermarket, BorgWarner PowerDrive Systems.

"Our patent-pending technology is designed to improve overall durability and reliability by specifically preventing failures caused by the system or operator. With virtually zero click-no-cranks, IMS delivers added value and improved customer satisfaction."

Six functions protect the starter from potential system failures. In case of click no crank, an engagement monitor automatically retries the starter without operator intervention to avoid overheating the solenoid. Rapid re-engagement lockout prevents damage to the pinion and ring gear, running engine lockout averts failures from engagement with a running engine, and low-voltage lockout avoids overcranking and solenoid chatter.

Time limited crank also prevents overcranking, and auto disengage at engine start avoids extended overruns. These functions combine to increase the life of the starter and engine while improving the driver's experience, BW said.