BMW Group vehicle sales set an October record at 196,002 units, up 2.3% year on year. Year-to-date sales rose 5.8% to 1,942,642.

Another milestone also was passed. Sales and marketing chief Ian Robertson said: "We've just seen the sale of our 100,000th electrified vehicle, underlining our success in the increasingly important electro-mobility segment," he continued. "Our strategy of flexible, global sales enabled us to offset headwinds in some markets by strengthening sales in other regions, ensuring that profit can remain our focus worldwide."

BMW brand sales were up 5.5% to 1,646,743 year to date though October volume was up only 1.1% to 166,805. A year after launch, flagship 7 Series sales were up 79% in October and 67.2% YTD to 47,416.

The 100,000th electrified BMW was sold at the start of November and almost half of those 100,000 sales have been made this year alone; 47,286 in the first 10 months of 2016.

Mini brand vehicles increased by 8.9% in October with 28,746 sold worldwide.