BMW Group achieved record unit sales in February up 7.9% year on year to 163,965 cars.

Year to date volume was up 7.7% to 316,846 units.

“I’m delighted that our sales continue to grow at a sustainable rate,” said sales and marketing chief Ian Robertson. “As we expected, we are seeing tailwinds in some markets but headwinds in others. However with our innovative new models, we remain optimistic that we will continue to achieve steady sales growth as the year progresses.”

Sales of BMW-brand vehicles increased 8.3% to 277,304 units year to date.

Mini sales increased 4.1% in the first two months of the year to 39,237. Five door hatchback volume rose 29.5%.

Sales in Europe rose 11.4% to 134,140 units. Almost all markets achieved sales growth, with double-digit increases recorded in Italy (12,522 / +12.4%), France (12,172 / +13.3%) and Spain (8,949 / +22.5%).

Deliveries in Asia rose 12.1% (113,588). In mainland China, deliveries rose 12.7% (80,215), sales in Japan increased 15.0% (9,491) and deliveries in South Korea climbed 13.3% (9,328).

In the Americas, year-to-date sales were down 6.4% to 58,174 units. Although sales totalling 46,657 in the USA were 8.7% down on the same period last year, deliveries in Canada rose 8.8% (5,191).