Blue Energy says its lithium-ion batteries EHW5, have been adopted by Honda Motor for its new hybrid models Freed and Freed+ launched in September.

The company maintains it has boosted capacity and reduced the weight of the new model lithium-ion batteries for in the Freed and Freed+ models, which are claimed to be 17% lighter and 7% smaller than conventional products but offer equivalent or more capacity and output performance.

The battery stores regenerative energy, which is collected at deceleration and supports acceleration performance by assisting the engine and the motor.

The company started mass production of lithium-ion batteries in 2011 and has installed them in more than 600,000 vehicles cumulatively through August this year 2016, translating to more than 30m cells.

"Blue Energy will continue to develop products based on the fundamental concept of total balance focused on safety and durability, ultimately to contribute to the establishment of a green energy society," notes the company.

Blue Energy is located in Fukuchiyama City, Kyoto.