Toyota Motor Europe said it increased Europe sales by 18,671 units (4.6%) to 425,639 in the first half of 2011, catching up after supplies were affected by the March earthquake in Japan.

Toyota sales rose 3% to 403,656 but the new CT200h hybrid gave Lexus a 42% boost to 21,983.

President and CEO Didier Leroy said: “We are happy with the positive results for the first half of this year after a strong first quarter. The upward sales trend we see this year demonstrates the strength of our product line-up, especially with our hybrids.”

He added: “We are now speeding up delivery to meet customer orders and, at a minimum, to reclaim our planned volumes through the rest of the year. We are confident to increase our sales volume on a yearly basis.”

In July, 5,000 extra vehicles will be delivered to Europe. Customers ordering Toyota and Lexus vehicles can expect a fixed and accurate delivery date for their orders, approximately two months for European-built models and three to four months for vehicles imported from Japan, TME said.

Cumulative sales of Toyota and Lexus full hybrid vehicles rose 31% to 46,121 during the first half of 2011 (11% of all vehicle sales) with the Toyota Auris and CT200h making up nearly half of the full hybrid sales.