Toyota has firmly distanced itself from widespread speculation it is in negotiation with Daimler to collaborate on fuel cell technology.

The Japanese manufacturer has been engaged in its own research into alternative power sources for some time, but is remaining tight-lipped as to any potential cooperation with its German counterpart.

“Unfortunately, we have absolutely no comment on that,” a Toyota Motor Europe (TME) told just-auto.

“A few months ago we signed an open letter together with Daimler and a few other carmakers, which showed our support for fuel cells. That is a form of collaboration but it does not go beyond the fact of having meetings – in that context we have made no firm commitment to a partnership.”

The TME spokesman added Toyota had been “busy for several years” with fuel cell research and is currently conducting road vehicle trials using the alternative power in Germany.

“We are definitely pursuing advanced technology and we would like to bring this vehicle on to the market by 2015,” he said.

The trial model is TME’s fuel cell hybrid vehicle, which forms part of the automaker’s hybrid powertrain application.