After the car received just one star in European crash tests, Belgian buyers of the Brilliance BS6 will get their money back from the importer which, local newspapers reported, has now taken the car off the market.

According to the German press agency, Antwerp-based importer Cardoen had ordered 120 cars and sold nine. Customers will get all their money back.

Most cars achieve four or five stars in European crash tests. The BS6 was tested in accordance with EuroNCAP regulations at ADAC‘s crash test laboratory in Germany. This is the second time that a Chinese car had failed the test, following the spectacular failure of the Jiangling Landwind SUV in November 2005.

Hans-Ulrich Sachs, managing director of Brilliance’s general importer, HSO, told the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung that improvements would be made to the car and that a new prototype would be submitted for testing by ADAC at the end of July. He said that the car would remain on sale. Around 500 cars have been imported into Europe and 350 have already been sold.