The European vehicle makers trade association ACEA has reported that European new commercial vehicle registrations fell by a record 38.7% in February to 129,580 vehicles.
ACEA said that all markets were severely affected by the crisis. The scale of the downturn varied considerably however, by national markets. The decline was 22.1% in France, 29.4% in Germany, 37.0% in Italy, 53.1% in the UK and 58.8% in Spain. In the new EU Member States, the largest markets were also down, 14.4% in Poland and 35.0% in the Czech Republic.

Registrations fell 38.1% in Western Europe and 44% in the new European Union member states, ACEA said, noting that February had one fewer working day across the region than the same month last year.
Two months into the year, the European market was down 37.4% compared to the same period a year ago, ACEA said.