Acea , the European carmakers’ association, has published data for February car sales in Europe which confirm data published on just-auto earlier in the month. ACEA said the European car market was 18% down on February of last year.
ACEA noted that the February sales downturn was more marked in the new EU Member States (-30.3%) than in Western Europe (-17.3%), where the German market was up by 22% on the back of scrappage incentives.
European new car registrations last month fell to 968,159 cars from 1.19m in the same month last year, ACEA said.

Across Europe, the month counted on average one working day less than February, 2008.

“Two months into the year, the European market was down 23% compared to January-February last year (at 1.93 million cars),” ACEA said in a statement.

Market leader Volkswagen Group fared relatively well in February, its car sales down by only 10.2% reflecting the benefit it recieved from higher sales in Germany. Its share in Europe was up to 21.7% in February from 19.8% last year.

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